Design, installation, and qualification of process utilities including pure water, steam, and gases for use in
GMP pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities.



Engineering & Process Consulting

  • Design and engineering of process utility and utility distribution piping systems. 

  • Design of custom process skids.  Process engineering consulting and troubleshooting.


Critical Utilities & Process Piping

Water for Injection Systems

Pure Steam Systems


Biodeactivation Skids


Clean Distribution Piping Systems

Butt Fused / IR Pure Piping

General Process Mechanical


Project Management

  • Site supervision and project management services for the installation and qualification of process utility and distribution piping systems. 


We specialize in process utilities, process skid equipment, and process piping system design and installation.  We are prior facility engineers and operators.  Our designs reflect our expereince in maintaining and operating these systems.  We specialize in GMP designs for budget concious start-up companies.  We are comfortable with refurbishment of used equipment.  We have experience with modern and legacy PLCs and instrumentation.    

  • Stainless Steel - ASME BPE Orbitally Welded; ASME Handwelding; Swagelok; ProPress

  • Pure Plastic - PVDF and Poypro Socket / Butt Weld / IR / BCF; Harvel PVC; Teflon

  • Copper - O2 Certified; Braised; ProPress

  • General - Sch Steel; CPVC; PVC


Given the nature of our work, every project is customized to the specific needs of our client.

Please contact us to discuss how your upcoming project could benefit from one or more areas of our expertise.

MJM Process

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